How To Make Money Online in India For Students Without Investment

Hey ! want to earn money online , but you are a student or doing gradution not to worry you can also earn money by doing some hard work .

I am a Digital Marketer , when i am also a student . I was also search how to make money online and in this article.

I will tell you the 5 legit ways to make money online in india without any investment , by this ways i have earned a passive income when i am a student.

5 Legit Ways To Make Money Online Without Investment

  • Online Intership
  • Sell Product Online
  • Social Media Management Jobs
  • Home-Based Writing Jobs
  • Online Surveys

Online Intership

When a company give you a opportunity to work with them to a particular period of time and pay you . By doing Online Intership you can earn a passive income and experience .

How to get Online Intership ?

Getting a Online Intership is not hard . There are few several online websites thats Intership launching Companies . Some popular Intership website : etc .

Earning Potential ?

There is a earning potential of Online Intership between 15000 – 25000 and more based on your exprienced . It is enough if you are a begginer.


Sell Product Online

Become an online seller is one of the best way to earn passive income for a student .especially if they have a large numbers of friends and thinking to become a online seller .

the best think is that you not need any exprience to start selling online product .

How to start selling Online ?

The best way to start online selling is the SCECO Partner Program , you sell a high quality of products and recieve high margins .

You required online Pan Card , Adhar Card and Bank Account before started selling online .

Earning Potential ?

By doing online selling you can earn up to 10000 – 15000 per month and more depending on how much sells you did and Commisions .


social media management jobs.

Student belonging to this generation can do Social media management jobs . All of you know about social media and know how to use this .

Working as social media manager allows student to do what they love – spend there free time on social media and learn usefull skills .

How to get Social Media Management Jobs ?

You can get job by finding clients and converts them to get the job aur build your profile on fiver , upwork etc .

Earning Potential ?

By doing social media management you can earn up to 2000 – 25000 per month and more depending on your experience.


Home-based writing jobs

Home schooling and home based writing job are in growth and many teachers and educators are learning online . So you can do writing jobs at home.

How to get writing jobs ?

To get writing jobs you needs good english and article writing skills . You can get writing jobs by doing Guest post for Other websites or build a gig on fiver .

Earning Potential ?

By doing this job you can earn from 3500 – 15000 per article depending on you skills .


Online Surveys

Have you considered filling paid surveys to earn money ? There are some free ways to earn money by doing surveys .

How to do online surveys ?

You can make money online with Google paid surveys online . One of the best method for earning money online .

Earning Potential ?

By doing this job you can earn up to 3000 – 5000 per month and more depending how much you work per day .


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