How Much Money Does Penguinz0 Make ? Net worth & Earning $$

How Much Money Does  Penguinz0 Make

We all are here and watch about Penguinz0 on YouTube and Twitch and many places . There is a curiosity arise in our mind that how much money does Penguinz0 make and also the net worth . So , today we talk about each term related to Penguinz0 , so let get started .

Penguinz0 Net Worth – $17 Million / $20 Million

Charlie White Jr is the guy who runs the YouTube channel Penguinz0 and also knows as Cr1tikal . He has an estimated Net worth of $17 Million / $20 Million as our preferences . He firstly started from doing tutorials and performing Glitches and afterwards he moved to gameplay and commentary and ranked among the funniest commentator over YouTube and liked by millions of peoples . He now also uses a lot sarcasm to praise or criticize video games .Now we jum to know how much money does penguinz0 make . so let started.

How Much Money Does Penguinz0 Makes On YouTube

The channel has over 12 million subscriber and as per the accumulated he got 4.6 billion views from the starting . The channel is getting an estimated views of 4.6 million per day and an estimated revenue of $38,000 per day and 14 million per year from the YouTube advertisement .

YouTube content creator based in Uk , USA , Canada , Australia get an average $2 to $12 on per thousand monetized views excluding the YouTube cuts . Monetized views usually range from 30% to 70% of the total views . These Ads rates also also influence by several factors like ad rates , ad inventory , ad played on the device , user location , ads skipped and how many ads shown in the video and type of advertisements and CPC and user engagement and type of content etc . The cost of an ad view can be minimum bid from $0.01 from the advertiser .

There is also a program as Google preferred where deep – pocketed companies can rate 5% ad rates on the top content . YouTubers can also earn from many ways like YouTube red views who pay a monthly fee to watch premium content without ads . The longer viewers watch your content the more you earn .

How Much Money Does Penguinz0 Makes From Twitch

Charlie makes an extra income from the Twitch account and have the user name moiscr1tikal . He has over 4 Million followers on the platform and an estimated 70 million views . He able to get 10,000 views on per streaming and max 60,000 views . Penguinz0 estimated earning on 20,000 subscriber from which he gets $2.5 from each for each month they are subscribed . So an estimated earning of $40,000 and yearly $4,80,000 .

Note : way to earn from app

Officially Twitch partners and Affiliates receive 50% of the total subscription fee and also increase monthly fee for the most popular streamers to encourage them to stay on the Twitch platform and being upgraded to anywhere from 60% to 100 % of the monthly fee.

Fans can also donate directly to their favorite streamers through PayPal and also crypto currencies and Twitch also add some extra features to the creator accounts such as donations and alerts .

Personal Details Of Mosicr1tikal / Penguinz0

Real Name Charles White Jr
Nationality American
Date Of Birth August 2 , 1994
Age 26
Net Worth $17 / $20 Million
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Address Tampa , Florida , United States
Marital Status/ Partner Dating Tiana Tracy
Source Of Wealth Content Creation , Sponsorships , Entrepreneurship

How Does Moiscr1tikal Make Money ?

Mosicr1tikal also known as cr1tikal or Penguinz0 is a popular YouTuber and Twitch Streamer . He monthly earn $40,000 on Twitch .

Here , a little above to get more information .

Ways From Penguinz0 or Moiscr1tikal / Charlie White Jr Earn

1 . Subscriptions

Moiscr1tikal makes a minimum $2.5 / $3.5 for per subscriber subscribed to each month on Twitch . He is considered a top tier Twitch Partner .

2 . Advertisements

Twitch streamers get paid for the ads shown on the stream . These advertisers will play ads before the stream and sometime can between the stream . We estimated $1 to $2 for the 1000 views depending on the advertisements played and some time clicks . He also earn from YouTube advertisements . We estimate $2 to $12 after YouTube cuts .

3 . Donation

Moiscr1tikal also receive donation from the fans during the live stream and also on the YouTube streams and gameplay .

4 . Sponsorships

Moiscr1tikal also earns from the sponsorship who pay him to feature their product on streams . Some examples are G-fuel and Artisan builds . The brands are know to pay on per sale . Penguinz0 also earn insta through per story , featured post , brand collaborations .

5 . E-sports Earning

While Moiscr1tikal isn’t an athlete , he has made money from participating in tournament . According to E-sports earning Moiscr1tikal / Penguinz0 made $7,100.50 on participating in different tournaments .

He participated in tournaments of Twitch and made money from games such as Apex Legends , Chess etc .

How Did Penguinz0 / Moiscr1tikal Started ?

  • Charlie started uploading videos on YouTube in 2006 , you can also see his early content , which include gaming commentary on his channels .
  • During 2009 and 2010 he started streaming on .
  • One of his “viral video” The Most Difficult Game Ever Created Gameplay and commentary ” gained him a huge subscriber .
  • In 2012 , he created the real series a widely popular series here he voices over infomercials .
  • In august 2014, Charlie YouTube channel reached 1 Million subscriber .
  • Up until 2015 , he donated hin 100% income to the charity , he eventually stopped as he founded out .
  • He recorded his first face video in 2017 .
  • In 2018 , he started streaming on Twitch .
  • He streamed 124 days and gained 1000 viewers on Twitch .
  • By 2019 , the audience has been doubled as average of 2000 viewers .
  • In 2021 , he has 11,365 average view and 130 million on his YouTube channel .

Per Month Estimated Earning Of Moiscr1tikal / Penguinz0

His estimated earning is between $200k to $350k including all income sources like YouTube , Twitch , Sponsorships , Instagram , Affiliate Marketing , Events , E-sports etc ,

Expenditure Of Moiscr1tikal / Penguinz0

In a fundraiser for the surgery of 2 dogs he contriburted $4k to the total fund raised $17k . He is a avid collector of pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh Cards . He estimated the worth of his cards collection to br at least $37k . He was stated back that he spent $10k for the pokemon cards .

In 2014 , Tampa ontent Creator announced that he donated $50k of hid youtube earning .

Frequently Asked Qustion On Penguinz0 – FAQ

How much money is penguinz0 making?

By reading the article you can know full earning sources of penguinz0

How tall is penguinz0?

He is 5 feet 6 inches tall

What is Cr1tiKal real name?

His real name is Charlie White Jr

How old is penguinz0?

He is 26 year old in 2022 and born on 2 August , 1994 in tampa , florida , United States

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