Android Games To Earn Real Money Instantly 2021-22

Making money in a crucial part of the life and if you are looking the way to entertainment yourself and also want to make a few bucks . So you’re on the right article .In this we will talk about android games to earn real money .

Mobile games are for the fun activity in your free time . Firstly phone games such as snake or ludo are only for entertainment but now there are games available that will help you to make some real money with instant time .

The company need player and they will pay some of them depending on how you are playing .

So, without wasting time we will get start to know the best android games to earn real money in your spare time

Note : The games will not make you rich or a billionaires . They will only provide you a few bucks .

Make Money By Playing Games

Best Android Games To Earn Real Money In 2021- 22

1: Mist play

Mist play is one of the most popular gaming app to win real money . Not only you can earn cash or you can also redeem them in the form of Gift card and that will help you to buy some stuff for you .

Mist play in the loyalty program available in the Google play store which can suggest you games . By collecting the units you will get rewards and then you can redeem the rewards .

Those units can be cashed out for Gift Card of amazon , PlayStation , visa gift card and many more .

Earning Potential

You can make up to $40 to $50 per month if you will play on the regular basis . They also launched week to week contests , where even you can earn more .

2 : Inbox Dollar

Being ready to be play games , it incredibly easy with inbox dollar and it does not take a lot of time it will be less than 5 minutes to signup .

After signup you can start playing games and earn money online . You will also get a $5 signup bonus Inbox Dollar also provide you variety of ways to make money some of the ways are watching videos , playing games , referring friend and lots more .

Inbox Dollar provide offer role to choose form a large variety of games . There are also the game of arcade games and network games .

Earning Potential

You can earn $30 to $50 per month by playing games . You can also earn more if you are lucky by having $10 , $50 scratch card . The minimum cash out of inbox dollar is $30 .

3 : Solitaire Cube

Solitaire cube is the addicting game to make real money . Where you can play solitaire on your phone and start participating in the cash tournament ‘s .

This app includes tournament and head to head competition based on your skills of level in the real time .

You can also go head to head round in 1 -2 minutes . You can actually earn cash for playing games . You can cash out by connecting your PayPal account .

The price tournament are not be available in the following countries like AZ , AR, CT ,DE ,IN,ZA,ME,MT,SC,SD and TN . If you are in the following region . Then you can also play by using VPN .

Earning Potential

Your earning is been depend on how much you bet and the game playing skills . You can cash out anytime through PayPal .

4 : Swag Bucks

Swag bucks in the app and websites that will pay you for playing games , searching on the web , watching video , taking polls and save money doing shopping with coupons .

Swag bucks provide option to take paid surveys to start earning real gift card and PayPal cash . All you have to signup and you’ll get access to online surveys . There are some survey available that pay up to $50 .

The premise behind the app is nearly identical to Inbox Dollar and also allowing you to save money with coupons .

Earning Potential

One report tell us that some Reddit can earn $500 per month on Swag bucks . So you can evenly earn $100 per month as a beginner .

5 : Blackout Bingo

Theoretically , Bingo is the game of chance . If you have a luck to have a right card so you can win .

Now with blackout bingo , you have the control to win as much as you can win in game play . The app is easy to use , everyone have the same play can see the same ball and cards . The game play needs concentration , speed and strategy to become a winner .

Games will take only 2 minutes to take up , and you can play whenever you want . If you want to play the game , so you can compete with cash prices .

Blackout bingo has a user base of 5 million per month across the world and it is the trending and hottest gaming app , with no reason .

Earning Potential

Your earning will be depend on how much better you are playing , the money you ‘re depositing and playing cash games or doing a higher or a lower bet . You can withdraw up to the amount of your total deposits with the same payment form directly to PayPal or credit card.

If you did not have the enough experience in play the bingo game so firstly play the free games and become a master before playing the cash games .

6: Lucktastic

Luckstatic is not multiplayer gaming app nor a rewarding app it is a free app available on all region . In lucktastic you can win real cash and prices and earn rewards .

You can also earn money checking in daily and scratching off the scratch cards to earn real money .

If you love to buy lotto tickets and winning real money by scratching and dreaming to earn money by doing nothing – then you will enjoy playing Lucktastic .

This gaming app will provide you daily scratch off cards that you can find at your convince level – but here the app is free and you can earn real money .

You can win up to $10000 gift card cash prices and there are daily $500 amazon gift card giveaways . The minimum threshold is only $1 and get daily opportunities to earn big .

Earning Potential

It also depend on your luck and playing skill . So you can more than $500 or less than $50 per month depending on your luck .

7 : 21 Blitz

21 Blitz have head to head competition and also real cash prices ( where also available ) . 21 Blitz is the mixture of 21 and solitaire and is the best game to earn real money and will help you to trained your mind in past time .

Play again real people for free and then switch for the cash games after you will be ready to bet and win the real cash .

That’s where you can make money by this cash winning addicting game in 2021- 22 . After depositing the cash you can make money by competition with others players .

Earning Potential

Your earning potential will be depends on how much deposits . When you deposit , you can play cash games . You can withdraw your total balance by clicking on the main menu .

8 : Drop

Drop will pay you gift cards for playing the arcades games within the list of app . You can also play casino games or game shows and the games list instantly .

Drop will help you to find games in App store and on Google Play Store . You can choose a task and after completing the task you will be rewarded with the required points that you can convert in to the gift cards .

Earning Potential

Drop sets a cap of 5000 points per month or $5 per week and up to $40 per month if you are a bigger shopper . You can get gift cards of amazon , Netflix and Starbucks , there is not a option to make direct checkout with PayPal . You can only redeem the points in the from of Gift cards .

These are the 8 gaming app that will pay you for playing. games and also you can call them Android Games to Earn Real Money for playing games .

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ ) Android Games to Earn Real Money

Are there any Android Games that pay real money ?

Mobile games are only for fun purposes but now you can also make money by playing games . These are the Android games to earn real money in 2021-22.

1 .Blackout Bingo
2. Pool Payday
3. Swag bucks
4. Mist play
5. Solitaire Cube
6. Inbox Dollars
7. Midpoints
8. Dominoes Gold

What games can I play to make real money?

These are the games that you can also play and make real money in 2021-22.
Mist play
Inbox Dollar
Solitaire Cube
Swag Bucks
Blackout Bingo
21 Blitz

Do game apps really pay you?

Yes , Mobile games can pay you really money by doing some hard work or having the incredible gaming skills and sometimes a good luck and strategy .

What is the highest paying app?

Here are the list of the android games that will pay you the most .
Survey Junkie.
Swag bucks.
Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel.
Fetch Rewards.
Inbox Dollars

How can I earn money by playing games?

Here are the 6 ways that will help you to make money by playing games .
1: Get Paid to Live Stream. …
2:Try Your Hand at Games Journalism. …
3: Create Video Game Guides and Tutorials.
4: Host a Gaming Podcast or YouTube Channel. …
5: Win Gaming Tournaments and Acquire Sponsorships. …
6: Get Paid to Test Games

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