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Get Paid to Walk [Earn Money to walk]

Get Paid to Walk [Earn Money to walk]

Money is the greatest motivator in world and for every human being and if you’r less motivated to walk , here are the top 10 apps that pay for every walk you did .

yes , some of this apps provide you discount coupon and gift card, which will help you to manage your household bills .

Firstly understand about the advantages to walking , before we start to introduce you the best 5 apps .

Benefits of Walking

Walking is the oldest exercise for the human race , it is a natural action for the normal huma being .

Prehistoric people walk a miles in search of food , shelter and water . In new generation walking had become paradigm . Our elders are not walking a couple of distant .

And every experts and doctor says that walking is very benificial for the body and while walking you can also get paid ,

Let’s get started to know the 5 best apps that will pay you to walk .

5 Apps that Pay You to Walk

If you are satisfied with my benifits of walking , then quicky get started with my 5 best apps that will pay you to walk .

1. Winwalk

Winwalk app is a free pedometer that counts your steps during every walk . It rewards you with points , you will get 1 point on every 100 steps you done and you can connect it with your personal tracker. By which you can earn more coins by doing jogging and gym and exercise .

Winwalk pay you $1 for every 1000 points .

2. Fit Potato

At this time Fit potato is available for only ipone user , simply you have to download this app and register and you’ll start earning money .

There are several weekly challenges that you can fing on Fit potato , These are for walking , jogging , exercise and gym . You can win a several amount like others walkers , joggers and racers .

3. Charity Miles

As per the name you understand that this app works for charity . These includes Wildlife funds , warrior project and feeding america and more . This app is only for charity .

4. Sweat Coin

If you also like cryptocurrencies , try sweat coin . Instead of faith money and normal cash ,this app will provide eponymous cryptocurrencies for each point you earn for walking and doing other physical activities .

This app is very popular among the Americans , beacuse you can redeam your reward in the form of vouchers and more .

Every 5000 steps completed , you will earn 5 sweat coin and if you have 20000 sweat coin then you will earn $100 .

5. Higi

Higi’s app latest version of the app now offers you a several ways to earn money through walking and you can use them at several pharmasies and healt related stores .

The app easily connect with yor personal tracker based on your Andriod and iphone’s . And it automatically counts the steps you have walked . They also reward you for jogging , jumping and many more .

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