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How to earn money online

How to earn money online

Want to make money without leaving the home. The biggest question in your mind is how to earn money online and ways to earn , so i tell you that how to earn online.

So , to start earning online read the article carefully .

There are many ways to earn money online , but i will tell you the most profitable ways to earn a big amount of money .

  1. Affiliate Marketing

First a fall , understand what is affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is the way by that you promotes someone’s else products by your special link. In affiliate marketing you can earn per sale you have done . This simply means that a company or a merchant pay you to sell there products . When someone click on your affiliate link and buy the product you will get the commission . The commission varies from 4 percent to 75 percent for a sale .you will we paid weekly or monthly on the sales you have done .

How can you get started

You need your own website to do this . The hosting is $10 per month and domain is $10 per year and you not need nothing else to do this . One’s you have done this you can setup your website and start earning money.

Where to get the affiliate program

Affiliate program is program where you can grab your affiliate link . There are plenty of affiliate program , but i recommend you to go with Clickbank affiliates , Digistore24 affiliates as you are a begginer.

2. Blogging

we’ll be honest that blogging in the simplest way to make money online and looks amazing on your CV.

Also for blogging you have to make a website , but in blogging you did not promote anyones product . You have to select the topic for your blog and then start writing articles . How to earn money through a blog . You can monitize your blog with google adsence and get sponser post and you can also do affiliate marketing on you blog .

3. Freelancing

If you are thinking to start freelancing so fell ready to take your first paid project on fiver and upwork . So choose your niche .

what is freelancing and how to earn money from it ?

In freelencing you not have to make a site or sell any product but you have a skill in which you are specialized. You can earn money by doing other clients project and you can get project by 2 ways . First by approaching your clients or Second built a profile on fiver , upwork and freelancer.

4. Data Entry

Thinking to start data entry , what is data entry. data entry is the job by which you can do the task given by your clients.

Skills you need to do data entry and how to earn money ?

  1. Good Typing Skills
  2. Good Concentration
  3. Good Communication Skills

And you can earn money by built your profile on fiver and upwork and more platforms .

5. Transcriptionist

thinking to start Transcription or translator job , so first a fall what is Transcriptionist.

Transcriptionist is the person who transcripe the given text or speech to diifernt language.

Skills you need to become a transcriptionist and how to earn money ?

You are specified in a particular language and write or speak it flluently. There are plenty of playform to make money with Transcriptionist job. Platforms : Transcriper.com , Rev.com etc

Thanks for Reading !


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