How To Make Money ON Only Fans Without Showing Your Face

How To Make Money ON Only Fans Without Showing Your Face

Only fans had become famous for hosting rather raunchy 18 + content , it wasn’t developed for this purpose . It is created for the creator to post the BTS behind the scenes , footage , and photos of their lives . If you are interested yo make money on only fans without showing your face . If you ready so here we will tell the ways to get started with how to make money on only fans without showing your face . so let gets started with How to make money on only fans without showing your face .

How To Make Money ON Only Fans Without Showing Your Face

Make A Easy Stage Name

Part of staying anonymous means that no one could not know your real name . So for that you have to create a stage name but carefully don,t add your nickname or short form of your nick name that hint to your real name .

This method is most used in music industry most of the singers use this methods . For example if your name is Jessica so don’t use short form like Jess .

And keep your stage name simple and short that the fans could spell it easily . How to make money on only fans without showing your face

Don’t Show Your Face On Only Fans

It sound bit obvious to don’t show your face but this could be done really on only fans people will make pressure to show your face to the audience .

Have You Heared ” You want what you can’t have “

When you will not show your face then this create a curiosity for the people to see your face so don’t take other pressure to show your face .

If you are open to show your face so don’t show your face on the main feed , show in the paid option for the higher rates . How to make money on only fans without showing your face

Choose A Niche

” The riches are in the niches ” is said in the Online Business .

The niches can be called nitch or neesh depending where are your living . It is not a big thing . Simply it means that it is a categories you have to work . For e . g Beauty , fashion , health etc ….. these are the niches .

If you are not able to show face , so your fans except the content on the particular niches .

Niches on only fans vary from themes of how you dress ( think cosplay ) to specific body parts.

A niches that does particularly well on only fans without showing your face fits for girls who like to go to the gym .

Remove Your Scars & Tattoos

If you have a birth mark and a beautiful tattoo on your wrist or anywhere so be careful because anyone can identify you by that . So remove all scars , burn marks and tattoo from your body .

If you can able to hide your marks by pose and props so use photo editing app to remove it .

Now it is easy to clear your skin by blemish , blending and cropping tools or you can wear full clothes and by that you can blur your face and background .

Use Social Media For Promotion

Social media is being a power house for all marketing strategy now a days .

To get your only fans page to found faster so use many social media platform like instagram , twitter , Reddit , TikTok and forums like Reddit for the promotion .

Many niches have already have existing page , which can be easy for you to get started at the beginning age .

But carefully do the promotion don’t link your personal id or account when you use social media . How to make money on only fans without showing your face

Use Geo blocking Feature In Your Area

Only fans has the geo blocking feature where you can block any specific area from seeing your content or any type of post .

Here the ways , how you can do that :-

  • Go to the setting
  • Tap to the option ” Security ”
  • Scroll down to the Geo blocking feature
  • Choose the countries you have excluded
  • Then save changes

You can block specific country or you can also block a specific user or area to watch your content if there I address know by you

You can also use a vpn , so keep this all in your mind . How to make money on only fans without showing your face

Provide A Subscription Service

Another option to make money on only fans is to use it in the place of patroon .

You can use only fans subscription service to provide valuable content to the loyal fans .

This subscription service build your trust and note : to provide quality content in this function to get more subscriber .

Many of the celebrities started using these features to provide behind the scenes and royal footage that can,t be find anywhere . How to make money on only fans without showing your face

Some of the users list are –

  • Bhad Barbie
  • Cardie B
  • Dj Khalid
  • Jordan Woods
  • Bella Thorne

Use Props Or Masks

If you are waiting to include your full bodies photos but are wanting to exclude your face so pose and props are your bff – best friend for ever .

With posing you can face the camera and turn your back and hide your face and you can also cover your face with your hair be creative ,

The same will props : use them to cover your face or even part of your face . There are thousand of props based on your niche or you can also mask with mixed colors . This make your characteristics intentional .

Don’t Post Outdoor Photos Or Video’s

To keep not only your identity but also location anonymous . If you want to do you can be very carefully about your background because you can be identify easily by your background .

This places can be refers as station , gas station , restraint and more .

You should even careful with the windows , sunglasses or ant thing that might reflect the area or place .

These places may also identified by the reflection and on the surface easily . How to make money on only fans without showing your face

 Schedule Posts to Reveal Anonymity

One more effective method for hide your personality on Only Fans is to schedule your posts.

You can schedule them for various times, and from that place , you’ll have the option to cause it to appear as that fans think that you are from the different time zones
It’s great to attempt to keep a timetable, , it saves your time, yet in addition helps keep your personality hidden . How to make money on only fans without showing your face

DO use your real name when providing documents

Being Anonymous to the only fans users it is easy , but after all you have o submit your real document name , address and bank account and and because admin will verify your documents on the only fans page .

The reasons are obvious because if you started earning more on the only fans , this is to tell the income tax because if a citizen earn $600 or more around the following year he have to pay 1099 to the government in the form of tax . That why this is important to verify your identity , but this identity will not be revealed to anyone . How to make money on only fans without showing your face .

Frequently asked Question On How To Make Money On Only Fans Without Showing Your Face ( FAQ )

Can you have a successful OnlyFans without showing your face?

yes. You can be able to make money without showing your face

Can you remain anonymous on OnlyFans?

It’s impossible to stay completely anonymous while using OnlyFans since you’ll need to share some payment information with the platform.

How do you make money on OnlyFans without showing anything?

1) Don’t use your real name and create new social media accounts.
3) Don’t show your birth marks, scars or tattoos.
4) Avoid showing places your acquaintances might recognize.
5) Compensate the Absence of Face with Good Interaction.

How do you get popular on OnlyFans?

Leverage your social media channels. …
Invest in paid shoutouts. …
Leverage Subreddits. …
Consistency is key. …
Ask for tips regularly. …
Shoot for likes. …
Produce high-quality content. …
Publish an Amazon wishlist.

What is the average OnlyFans income?


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