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How To Make Money Without a Job as a Teenager 2021

How To Make Money Without a Job as a Teenager 2021

If you are a teenager and want to make money without a job in 2021.How can a teenager make money without a job .

There are many ways how to make money as a teenagers in 2021 but we will bring you the best ways to make money as a teenagers .

Yes ,it is possible to make money as a teenager in 2021 without a job , and we will guide you that in a correct way .

how to make money without a job as a teenager

How To Make Money a Job as a Teenager in 2021

There are various ways a teenager can make money .

If you go with the traditional job a teenager have a option . Paper routes and working in restaurants etc…….you’re left with a few and sometimes a lucrative option . What are these Lucrative options ?

Best Ways To Make Money as a Teenager Without a Job

  1. Selling Crafts on Etsy
  2. Selling old clothes online
  3. Make Money by Gaming
  4. Taking Surveys For Cash
  5. Sell Skill On Fiverr
  6. Pet Sitting
  7. House Sitting
  8. Website Testing
  9. Tutoring Kids
  10. Print on Demand Designing

So there are every things in more detail !

Selling Crafts on Etsy

Selling Crafts on Etsy in a very great thing to make money as a teenager from home .There are many things people successfully sell on Etsy ,if you’re all at Crafting so you can find your way easily on Etsy .

Depending on your age , some younger teens might be able to tell there parents setup there account but after setting up the account you’re all set . And after you’re up and running it is easy to sell your things on Etsy and make money as a teenager without a job .

Selling Old Clothes Online

Many of us have old clothes that we do not wear .That’s doesn’t mean that no one can thought it’s luckily , it is an amazing way to make extra money as a teenager without doing any other job .

There are many big markets for that type to things ,the one best is eBay . Make sure that the clothes are in the Good , cleanable and saleable condition . Also make sure to write a Clean and Honest description to make a right way of money with profits .

Photos also plays the big role in the online selling markets . Ironed clothes can have better photo and won’t to be great deal . So spend a little more time in the photography .

Make money by Gaming

Gaming is a $90 Billion Industry and there are many ways a gamer can make some extra money while playing the game that they are good in .

Youtube and Twitch there are many places the gamers can go make there couriers in gaming for starting a extra income .

If you are great in playing a particular game , people are happy to be a part of that game in many ways , whether they watch you playing the game learning how to pass a part of that game .

Making Money in gaming in youtube is easy after having a base of subscribers you can start streaming . so the people can start sending you gifts .

Taking surveys for cash

There are many sites online that allow you to join them for free and start doing surveys and start earning .

It;s not huge and make you rich in some time , but it is good for making a little extra cash ,and best when combined to any of the others source of income .

When you join these sites so they ask you for your details , so they toiler the surveys for you of there interest .

Most surveys company have a global based so you can join them from any where and some of them have a specific country they will redirect you to the survey special country .

Sell your skills on Fiverr

Fiverr is the number one freelancing sites who had made possible people all over the world to sell their skills on Fiverr and generate a passive income as a teenager .

You can easily setup your profile on Fiverr and set yourself free . Fiverr also use rating like many other organization do . The more positive reviews and rating you get the more you get the work .

What services you might sell ? You can sell the service in which you have experience and have skill . You can also provide Graphic design , Content writing , translation , voice over , data entry , photo editing etc….. The list in endless , so you can provide any of the service you like .

Pet sitting

Pet sitting for friends and neighbours is a good way for teens to make some extra money while spending the quality time with the animals .

Many of us don’t want our beloved pets in kennels while we’er away and would much prefer someone familiar to look after there animals in there homes . This is the things the teenager love and doing for some extra cash .

Ask your Friends and Neighbours who are interest in your pet sitting services and they might have know who can offer you for some work .

House sitting

As with pet sitting people who often going out need someone to look after there houses . Water the plants , Close the curtains at night and pickup the mail .

You have only have to go a couple of time a day to safe and looked live in , and if they have pets along with that you can provide pet sitting services and increase your pet sitting services.

Website testing

People who have websites often spend so much time on their sites , its really hard to check the sites working better for there users . ( you and i!!)

There are many companies recruit people from every walk and age ( include teens ) to test there websites and giving them feed back . Know as user testing , you’ll given a task to complete and they will record your screen when you complete the task so they know which part you found easy and which part tweaking .

User testing companies provide work based on your location and the interest you choose . so once you have registered with the website testing agency , they’ll let you know that when a suitable test comes for you , and often offer $30 to $50 per job , which usually took less than one hour .

It’s not generally regular work thought , and best seen as one income stream among others .

Tutoring kids

Kids love to learning from elder kids , so if you know younger kids who’s parents are looking for a tutor , this would be a great way to make money helping out others .

You can ask your parents friends if they are looking for a tutor for their younger kids , or you can ask about your school .

There are often adverts for tutors in the local newspaper and , online jobs boards , so if you ‘re wizz at languages and a expert of math , this could be a great side hustle for you .

Print-on-demand designing

Print on demand is huge and there’s no reason teens can’t get in on the act. Merch by Amazon offer an easy way to get started with no upfront costs.

You simply upload your designs and promote them on the Merch platform, then when one is sold, Amazon print and ship it, taking a percentage of the profit and sending you the rest.


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