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Legit Way To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Legit Way To  Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Hey ! want to make money from affiliate marketing but totally a beginner. Not to be vary i am here with Legit way to make money with Affiliate marketing as a beginner. In thus article i wil show you the Amazon affiliate marketing .

Way To  Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

First a fall the biggest question in your mind as a total beginners is that :

What is the meaning of Affiliate Marketing ?

When you not have a product and a company to sell your product . Then you will do Affiliate Marketing . Meaning of affiliate marketing is coast per sale . When you will send traffic to you chosen product with your specialized Affiliate link and when someone buys the product then you get a commission it is know as Affiliate Marketing .

You not need to sell anything , only you have to send traffic to your affiliate product . The Commission per product is 50 % , 75 % and sometimes 90 % depending on the product .

Before you start affiliate marketing you have to follow the exact steps .

Steps To Do Before Starting Amazon Affiliate Marketing

  • Firstly signup to your amazon affiliate account
  • Choose a profitable niche
  • Choose a traffic source ( Recommended Facebook , Twitter , Reddit or Ads )

Now done with all the following steps now. Now after doing the all steps we will now the traffic source to promote your Affiliate Offers and start Making Money From Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Legit Traffic Source To Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Here are the list of the highly used traffic source to make a passive income through Affiliate Marketing .

  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google Ads ( Paid )


There are many ways to promote Affiliate product but as a beginner . You can use Facebook , to promote product from Facebook you have to join Facebook Group according to your niche and then start promoting product and make money from affiliate marketing .


Reddit is like Facebook but if you are promoting offers for usa , uk , australia . Then definetly you can use Reddit to promote your Affiliate Products and Start making money .


Twitter is trending now a days . you can use twitter fro affiliate marketing . By Twitting daily on the regular bases you can build a reader base and start promoting the offers to the readers and make money from Affiliate Marketing


By using Pinterest you can drive a tons of visitors to you Affiliate offers . Daily create 3 to 5 pins according to the offer you choose and make money from affiliate marketing .

Google Ads

Promoting affiliate offers by google ads is the most prefers method by the top Affiliate Marketers . It si a eassy way to promote affiliate offers bt you have to invest minimum 300 in it .


There is a high scope for affiliate marketing in the future . By doing it you have choosen a right way to make money online .

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