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Ways To Make Money On HubPages 2021-22 : A Complete Guide ( Step By Step )

ways to make money on hubpages s

Not many people know about to make money on Hubpages and ways to make money on Hubpages . It is not a very simple but not very difficult .

If you are among of these lucky people who have a nice writing skills or the passion of writing. So , it will be not very difficult to make money on Hubpages .

I had not also think about writing and now have a own blog . If you’re not good in writing and want to learn . So you can start on Hubpages .

Before a tell the ways to make money on Hubpages . Firstly understand what is Hubpages ?

And then we will move further to know the really executed ways to make money on Hubpages .

What is HubPages ?

HubPages is a online platform to make money ,where you can write about something and that you have passionate in . In fact it is perfect website for carrier as a content writer and even you also can become an author of short stories . Their are countless opportunities and no limitation to write on HubPages .

If you are a writer of Hatred ,Hate speech ,pornography , child abused .You can post this also .And possibly you can gathered a large audience and make money from HubPages .

So, why go with HubPages ? . HubPages is a established website and have a millions of active users per month and it is not hard to start .

Even if you start a website or a blog it is hard to be established and even start earning very soon . And blogs are entirely hard and have a number’s of problems . With HubPages once you have Signed up and have your profile setup an start earning very quickly .

Steps To Get Started On HubPages

It is a three step process to get started on HubPages .So, I cannot give a brief explanation about them .

The Steps are :

For more information watch a video on youtube or search on Google .

Ways To Make Money On HubPages

After you have completed and setup all the things . we’re all set to make money on hubpages . So there are five main ways to make money on HubPages . You can use either one or all of them . Depending on what you’re writing .

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a free resource from Google . It allows everyone to make a lot of money from ads .Depending on your content Google AdSense helps blogger’s and Vlogger’s to make money .

To make money on HubPages with Google AdSense .You will be required a certain number of followers on your HubPages account .After completing the numbers of followers you will subscribe to Google AdSense to show Ads on your HubPages .

You can also select a type of audience and nature .So , Google will shows Ads on the relevant ideas of your page .Google will pay you by ( CPC ) Cost Per Click and also for certain amount of ads shown per page .

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the fastest ways to make money on HubPages by selling a third person product and getting a commission . Signup for a topmost’s Affiliate program like Amazon , EBay and More . I will Strongly recommend you to join Amazon Affiliate and after all it’s matter to you .

You can also join the Affiliate program of your choice . When you join an Affiliate program the company provides you a affiliate dashboard .Where you can be able to create links , banner Ads and numbers of online promotion material .

Amazon will also pay you for banner Ads and flyer Ads . And pays Commission on every product you sale .

Managing HubPages

Mnaging tyhe social media accounts is not a difficult task .You have to work 2 to 3 hours a day .

Similarly , you will be a HubPage manager .Who will manage HubPage of your clients by pinning the comments and giving a feedback and moderating question .


Ghost writing for somebody who have a HubPage account .

Ghost writing is the another most popular ways to make money on HubPages .In Ghostwriting you identity will remains secret and the owner will get all the credits .

Digital Marketing Services

HubPages does not promote any HubPages writer or owner automatically . The owner have to heir a Digital Marketer .

Digital Marketing is the way to Spread the business online and have been established or build a brand name .

These are the 5 ways to make money on HubPages . Now we will talk about some inportant tips to make money fast on Hubpages .

Important Tips To Make Money On HubPages

Create More Hubs

The more you write the more faster you will grow . The more Hubs you publish the more chances of them being read and this will increase your earning

Write Often

Write as much you can write and develop a habit of writing . It will also help you in future .I am also write everyday ,but only because of having a free time .As earlier started writing .

Make use of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is very important for your content to rank faster and for the life time . SEO is not as difficult but if you not do it you will also grow without SEO but it will take a long time .

There are two type of SEO On-page and Off-page . On-page means doing the SEO in the article . It have many things like keyword placement and image optimization etc .. But off-page SEO is totally different from On-page SEO .In off-page SEO you have to create backlink and redirect links etc….. This is the video of the person which i have also learned seo .

Engage With Other Hubbers

You have listened a term called network marketing .It is also similar to the Engagement . Building a Engagement with other Hubbers will helps you to grow faster.

Share Your Hubs

Sharing your hubs on social media is another a great way . You can also share your hubs on Facebook Pages , Facebook Groups , Twitter , Reddit , Instagram , Email lists , Whats Group and many other sites and forum .

Benefits Of HubPages

Earning Potential

A new HubPages with a decent followers can earn up to $200 to $300 per month and if you are experienced so it will be great up to $2000 to $3000 per month .

My Advice

If You are a person ,who will do the work regularly then it will be profitable to you

And by doing this ,you will keep learning new things at the particular time .


As you can see , making money from HubPages isn’t all that easy but nor it very difficult with some extra efforts you will make money from the HubPages . Thanks for reading these are the 5 wasy to make money on HubPages and earning potential .

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