Home Online Jobs How To Make Money Online At Home By Doing Transcription Jobs 2021

How To Make Money Online At Home By Doing Transcription Jobs 2021

How To Make Money Online At Home By Doing Transcription Jobs 2021
How To Make Money Online At Home By Doing Transcription 2021

Hey ! want to make money online at home by doing simply transcription in 2021 . Transcription is not a hard job . Any one can do it .

Before you can start working as a transcription worker , you have to follow same steps to become a successful transcription .

Earning of a transcription worker around $33 to $40 , as a beginner and if you become professional , you can earn as much you charge .

Make Money From Transcription ( Follow This Steps )

Making money by doing transcription is a easy task .

  • You have to learn a language properly that you are speaking and also learn a alternate language .
  • You need a mobile or a pc and a headphone .
  • You have a nice accuracy in writing .

Now you are ready to do the transcripiton . Now we talk ways to make money from transcription job .

You can make money by doing transcription and there are different ways to earn . I will tell you the 5 best sites that will will pay you to do transcription .

5 Transcription Sites To ( Make Money From Transcription )

1. Scribie

Highly accurate transcribing with a choice of plans

Scribie offers both manual and robotized record administrations. The manual record administration offers almost 100% precision and a 36 hour turnaround time, just as speaker following

These costs are for clean documents of American speakers, with an extra accuse for speakers of a complement, a loud foundation, or a helpless sound quality record. The client basically transfers their document, picks their arrangement, pays the expense, and the text in a Word record is returned inside the normal time window. They guarantee almost 100% precision with their fused editing, and full privacy.

For translating occupations that are less touchy, and don’t need an undeniable degree of exactness, there is likewise a mechanized help that is free. Basically transfer the sound document, and a brief turnaround time with a precision of between 80-95% for clean sound of American speakers.

2. Rev

Audio and video transcription services

Rev gives a scope of sound and video record administrations, including inscriptions, captions, and interpretations for a wide range of sound and video documents.

Clear records can be finished in a couple of hours and accompany an exceptionally high precision pace of more than close to 100%. Inscriptions and captions for recordings are likewise accessible as an assistance, and are FCC, ADA, and Area 508.


Fire up likewise give an unfamiliar captions administration to video, which is an extra element different administrations tend not to offer straightforwardly.

What likewise makes Fire up stand apart is that it figures out how to accomplish perhaps the best harmony between record speed and mistake rate. As far as speed it’s generally quick, instead of blindingly quick, yet where it truly comes up bests is in its low blunder rate.

3. Temi

A premium, automated transcription service

Temi offers a mechanized voice record administration at a moderate cost. The case their administration has been utilized by ESPN, The Money Road Diary, and PBS among their 10,000+ clients.

Through their “progressed discourse acknowledgment programming,” they can translate voice to message by means of a transferred sound or video document in a fast 5 minutes. The exactness asserted is 90-95% with clear speakers with insignificant accents, and negligible foundation commotion, which are basically ideal accounts. Text records can be downloaded as MS Word or PDFs.

There are no essentials, memberships or extra month to month charges making this ideal for clients with less standard record necessities.

4. TranscribeMe

A budget but accurate transcription service

TranscribeMe pursues the direction here in attempting to offset speed of record with a low blunder rate and serious estimating.

While it’s not as quick as Fire up at interpreting, and keeping in mind that it can likewise have a marginally higher mistake rate, it costs essentially less.

So whenever cost is a vital thought in your planning, then, at that point TranscribeMe could be one of the better alternatives, without forfeiting quality.

5. Transcription Panda

Transcription services for non-urgent needs

Record Panda positions itself correspondingly to TranscribeMe, in that estimating begins at a similar rate for an unfinished copy has a comparative mistake rate, yet partakes in a somewhat quicker record speed in our testing.

In any case, turnaround time differs as indicated by cost paid, with the less expensive rate offering a multi day turnaround, and greater expenses for a last draft record, which is made accessible inside 24 hours.

So like various other record benefits it merits seeing which is the more significant, cost or turnaround time, thus long as you’re glad to sit tight for as long as five days then Record Panda is an alternative worth considering.

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